Let's Create Your Highlight Wedding!

This is how we will set the stage to have all of those unique-to-you moments that you and your guests will NEVER forget.

Before you check out what makes up a Highlight Wedding, you probably want to know how much it costs, right? Couples spend, on average, $2,000. However, the price for Wedding Reception Entertainment can range anywhere from $1,700 to over $5,000. It ultimately comes down to the experience you want to create for you and your guests. Here are some of the services that will help create your Highlight Wedding:

Wedding Reception Entertainment

Your Wedding Reception Entertainment includes everything you need for a Highlight Reception! I get the privilege of being your DJ/MC and will be working with you throughout the wedding planning process to help select songs that are perfect for each moment of your wedding. I also love including unique elements to your wedding that will make it your own. The Reception Sound System provides the perfect amount of audio coverage for your expected guests as well as the size and layout of the venue. I come with everything I need to set up, so you won’t need to provide a table with a linen.

In addition to having my own wireless microphone for announcements I’ll be making, I will also have a dedicated wireless mic for toasts. I currently have well over 10,000 songs ranging from the 30s all the way to today’s current hits. They’re all clean edits, so you won’t have to worry about your grandma hearing words she might be offended by once the dancing starts. If there are any special songs I don’t have, I’ll make sure to get them before your day. Included in your Wedding Reception Entertainment is Dance Effect Lighting. The difference between having it and not having it is night and day and a wedding without it would not truly be a Highlight Wedding.

Ceremony Sound

Your Ceremony Sound includes everything you need for a Highlight Ceremony! The battery-powered Ceremony Sound Speaker will ensure that the vibe for your wedding is set perfectly as your guests arrive and they hear every moment as the ceremony unfolds. Both the officiant and the groom will have a lapel mic to make sure that not only the officiant and the groom are heard, but the bride is as well! If you’re planning on incorporating a live musician, or musicians, into your ceremony, the Ceremony Sound Speaker has inputs for them as well as adding a microphone if one of your guests will be participating in the ceremony by doing a special reading.

Ceremony Live Stream

Ceremony Live Stream is a great add-on to your Highlight Ceremony. Sometimes guests can’t attend your wedding due to health concerns, aren’t able to make it because of scheduling issues, or you just weren’t able to invite them. This is the perfect way to allow them to be a part of your Highlight Ceremony from the comfort of their own home.

Included in your Ceremony Live Stream is a Live Stream Rehearsal which ensures that all of your live stream guests are able to log on, sit back, and enjoy your ceremony just like they were there. If there are any troubleshooting issues, they will have direct contact with me and I will be able to walk them through connecting to the live stream.

A static DSLR camera is set up down the aisle to capture your ceremony in video and the Live Stream audio comes directly from the Ceremony Sound System so that your live stream guests can see and hear everything that’s happening as it unfolds. You will also receive a digital copy of the live stream no later than a week after your wedding to be able to share with anyone as well as keeping it look back on in the future.

Dynamic Uplighting

Dynamic Uplighting is a great option if you are having your wedding in a banquet-style setting or anywhere that has an element of white to play off of. Whether it’s white walls or white pipe and draping, Dynamic Uplighting helps to create an ambiance unique to your wedding by incorporating the colors of your palette and utilizing the back drop of your reception to truly make your wedding your own. Once the party starts, your uplights change modes and now act as added dance effect lighting heightening the overall vibe and further creating that unique experience that will be remembered as part of your Highlight Wedding.

Ultimate Wedding Lighting Experience

This is for couples who want to make a statement and dance-effect lighting and uplights aren’t quite enough. A dedicated lighting technician controls everything creating customized lighting scenes throughout the night accenting the mood for each moment.  Spotlighting for the grand entrance and expertly matching the lighting with the vibe of the music are just a few examples of the capabilities that the Ultimate Wedding Light Experience can provide.

Having a live band at your wedding is great! There is a tangible energy that having live music offers – energy that is different than having a DJ. However, there are two important reasons to consider including a DJ/MC in your Highlight Wedding’s entertainment.

First, as the MC, my main focus is to keep the event timeline in order and maintain a smooth flow of events, while also remembering who is involved and making sure their names are pronounced correctly. Having an MC is especially important if the reception timeline needs to be adjusted and decisions are made WHILE the band is playing. It’s my job to communicate with you, the wedding event team, and the band to make sure all transitions are seamless and timely. This allows the band to focus on what they do really well without pulling them away to deal with outside distractions.

Secondly, having a DJ on hand carries the vibe of the night and maintains the flow of your Highlight Wedding whenever the band is on a break between sets. As the DJ I can select songs that will take the guests from where the set concluded to where the new set will begin. Plus, if something happens that requires a longer-than-expected intermission, the music won’t stop!

Other Services

I LOVE collaborating with couples and making their wedding truly unique. Don’t see what you’re interested in listed here? Let’s put something together especially for you!

What you get with EVERY wedding

  • Professional DJ/MC (Master of Ceremonies) who provides great entertainment and perfectly timed announcements to ensure a smooth event.
  • State-of-the-art sound system ensuring the best possible music quality and appropriate sound coverage whether you’re expecting 50 or 250 guests.
  • Back up equipment for those “just in case” moments.
  • Courteous, responsive communication, and dedicated planning. I keep in touch with you AND the rest of your wedding event team to make sure all the important details that make up your Highlight Wedding are clearly communicated and executed.
  • I only book one event per day, ensuring that YOU are my only priority on YOUR big day!
  • Full liability insurance coverage.
I also work with a variety of trusted wedding professionals and favorite venues. If you’re looking for recommendations, I can help!
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