I was so anxious about hosting a virtual baby shower. I had attended a few of DJ Weck’s “Date Night” DJ sessions on Twitch in the past and thought he might be able to share some expertise. Boy, was I right! Josh showed me all the ways I could make a virtual experience fun, intimate, and the best it could be during the pandemic.

I hired him immediately and the baby shower was so, so beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. He created a backdrop that matched the baby shower theme and had an entire playlist from the expecting mother’s favorite music genre. He even provided music for the games. The only problem I had was getting all the attendees to pay attention because they were too busy dancing, singing, and laughing! What I loved about having a DJ was that it brought a large group of people who didn’t know each other together and broke the ice. It spurred conversation and had everyone jamming out to the same songs minute by minute.

Imagine trying to have a virtual party with awkward silence – actually, I can’t imagine. A DJ is absolutely necessary and Highlight Weddings and Events went above and beyond.

I wish I could rate my experience with Highlight with 100 stars! It couldn’t have been any better!