Hi, I'm DJ Josh.


Before I get to learn more about you and your Highlight Wedding, here’s a little bit about me.

DJ Josh


Highlight Weddings & Events is a new company, but I have TONS of experience and training in the industry – 7 years and over 80 weddings!

My main focus will always be working with couples to create their unique wedding that will leave them and their guests with memories to last a lifetime. I also keep my skills sharp DJing at local Destin and 30A-area nightclubs doing what nightclub DJs do best, BRING THE PARTY!  Additionally, I’ve had the privilege to be a part of some GREAT public and private events. Some of those events include DJ/MCing the University of West Florida’s Dance Marathon and Café Thirty-A’s Christmas Charity Ball, MCing for Mattie Kelly Arts Foundation’s Concerts in the Park, and more!

Because of the diverse events I’ve been a part of at so many different venues, I’ve learned something invaluable. No two events are the same – just like the people in attendance! This experience has also taught me how important it is to be flexible. That flexibility has made me an asset for any event I’m a part of and has allowed me to form great relationships with other wedding and event professionals in the area!

DJ Josh and his lovely bride

Communication is my Superpower

Your story is important. It’s what defines you and I want to take the time to know your love story. By the time you say “I do,” I’ll have a keen understanding of your personalities as a couple, your likes/dislikes, and your special requests – so that I can incorporate all of that into your wedding seamlessly. I’m also going to know what song(s) NOT to play. It doesn’t matter how many times your Aunt Betty requests it. But I don’t just stop there … I’ll make sure to communicate with your wedding planner, venue, and any other important vendors or key players to make sure we are all on the same page. All that’s left for you is just to relax, enjoy your day, and be a guest at your own wedding!

My Style

As a professional DJ/MC, I have an extensive catalog of over 15,000 tracks that covers nearly any era and genre you can think of. I certainly have my own favorites, but I realize when I DJ/MC your wedding it’s not about me. Your wedding is about highlighting you as you start your life together and setting the stage so that your guests will celebrate your love and that new life.

Sometimes when people think of a DJ/MC, they might visualize someone who makes the party about the DJ: always yelling on the mic, only playing music they like, and not taking any requests. That’s not my style. A good MC directs a seamless flow of events but plays a secondary role to the guests of honor, their family, and friends. A good DJ has an idea of songs that will fit the night but pays attention to the guests and adjusts their song selections as the night unfolds.

My Favorite Thing About Weddings

It’s totally about you – but I get to be a part of making it magical! I enjoy getting to know you personally, finding out what’s important to you, and making it happen on YOUR big day – for your unique wedding that leaves your guests thinking, “Oh, that was totally YOU!”

Fun Facts About DJ Josh
  • Oldest of 8
  • Best wedding ever: MY OWN! On December 7, 2013 (sure, I’m biased but can you blame me?)
  • Favorite cake: Black Forest cake made by my mom. My groom’s cake was a Black Forest cake, but I never even had a chance to taste it before it was gone!
  • Favorite wedding song: Boogie Shoes by KC & The Sunshine Band. It’s a song that everyone is familiar with but most people don’t hear often.
  • Favorite part of the wedding: The toasts! You never know what you are going to get!
I love when couples want to add something “outside the box” that is unique to themselves!
Dog of Honor
Photo courtesy of Madison @ heritageheartco.com.
That’s enough about me! I’d love to hear YOUR story.